Get Started!

Doctrinaire Pty Ltd has been created to give companies and individuals access to adhoc programming services and ephemeral systems.

Clients with great ideas but little IT know-how can get started in as little as an hour with an ecommerce shop, blog or other management systems.

Doctrinaire uses Amazon Webservers to create a new platform for you, owned by you and controlled by you.
Onto that platform, Doctrinaire installs your needed software and configures it ready to go.
Doctrinaire uses Cloudflare CDN as both a cacheing network and security appliance to give you 100% uptime and keep you safe from nasty hackers.

  • LAMP stack
  • Automatic Database and Codebase backups to Amazon S3
  • Full code, system and IP ownership from day one
  • Assistance with management tools for AWS and SEO / advertising systems

Got an idea for a web business? Get started now! Let Doctrinaire create a canvas for your Design ideas and ecommerce dreams.